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Annunciator system TS200
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Migration to TS400 / Communication
Order overview
TS200 Annunciator system with text display

TS200 Important information about TS200

  • The TS200 is discontinued, spare parts are available. We recommend using the TS400.

  • The TS200 can be migrated to TS400 , the TS200 I/O level can be maintained, which makes comprehensive communication options.

  • TS200 Description

    The TS200 modular annunciator system offers compliance to DIN 19235 with new value/first-up value indication. Alerts are signalized as text on the CM. As an option events can switch outputs, and a log printer can also be installed. The system is programmed using configuration software or an AT keypad. With its modular structure, separate components can be spaced apart up to 1000m along a thread-like Bus. The maximum upgrade capacity is 1280 I/O. The system can integrate up to 7 CM operating modules.

    The modular structure of the system makes use of nodes. A node always needs a BC bus connection module as well as an IM/OM input- or output module. Up to 7 IE/OE input- or output extensions can be added to each node. Two CPU processor module variants are available:
    -Small CPU with 256kB memory. Controls up to 4 nodes (256I/O)
    -Large CPU with 1MB memory. Controls up to 20 nodes (1280I/O)

    The system comprises the following primary components:

    TS200 CM TS200 CM Control Module

    The CM represents the control and display unit of the system. All status- or fault messages are displayed in plain text. Fault messages are also indicated acoustically with the integrated horn. The CM has buttons for horn- and fault acknowledgement and also up and down arrows to move between the lines. You can also call up a log of the last 1,000 events on the CM. The CM has been designed for front panel mounting and is available in various language versions.

    TS200 CM TS200 CPU Processor module

    The CPU Processor module exchanges data and signals with the local modules. It monitors the operating status and power supply. It has an integrated lithium battery which safeguards data in the event of an interruption to the power supply. It also has a log memory for the last 1,000 events. The CPU is designed for mounting on a DIN rail, and is available in two versions: Small CPU 256kB up to 256 I/O, or Large CPU 1MB, 1,280 I/O

    TS200 CM TS200 IM 24 Input module

    The IM24 Input module is employed as the beginning of a node. It has 8 digital signal inputs for 24V DC. Three LEDs have been fitted on the front of the device to monitor communication and power supply. In addition, each input has an LED used to indicate its status. DIN rail assembly

    TS200 CM TS200 IE 24/48/230 Input expansion module

    The purpose of the IE 24/48/230 Input extension module is to increase the number of inputs. The 24V DC version has 8 digital signal inputs, the 48V DC and 230V AC versions have 4 digital signal inputs. Each input has an LED positioned on the front of the device to indicate its status. DIN rail mounting

    TS200 CM TS200 OM 24 Output module

    The OM 24 Output module is utilized as the beginning of a node. It has 8 digital 24V DC outputs. Three LEDs have been fitted on the front of the device to monitor communication and power supply. In addition, each output has an LED used to indicate its status. DIN rail mounting

    TS200 CM TS200 OE 24/0.5, OE24/2.0 and OE 230 Output expansion modules

    The purpose of the OE 24/0.5, OE24/2.0 and OE 230 Output expansion modules is to increase the number of outputs. The OE 24/0.5 and OE24/2.0 each have 8 digital outputs, which can handle loads of 0.5 or 2.0 Amps depending on the version. The OE 230/5.0 Output expansion module has 4 potential-free relay contacts (2 NO and 2 CO contacts). The status of each output is indicated with an LED on the front of the device. DIN rail mounting

    TS200 CM TS200 BC Bus connection

    The BC bus connection has two functions. First of all, it is used to supply the 24V DC operating voltage. Secondly, it is used as a junction between the bus and the cabling for the building.

    TS200 migration for TS400 / communication expansion

    Are you planning to expand your existing TS200 system or would you like to receive fault messages also as a voice call, e-mail or SMS?

    By migrating to TS400, all of these options are possible. The best aspect is that the existing nodes with the input/output modules remain the same. This makes the time-consuming rewiring of the previous detection level no longer necessary. The TS200 CPU is replaced by the CAN gateway, to which the new TS400 CPU is connected. The CM text display is also replaced by the new TS400 DM (Ethernet) or TS400 BIAS (serial).

    Functional diagram for migrating from TS200 to TS400:

    TS200 Migration

    Thanks to the migration, the reporting system can now manage new comprehensive alarm tasks. Messages can be sent with all common media and can be parameterised with time programmes and holiday regulations. The system can also be accessed via the network.

    Programming is now done using a browser (e.g. Firefox), therefore the purchase and installation of additional software is no longer necessary.

    New communication options:


    Display on BIAS operator module in plaintext
    Activate lamp/horn outputs on the output modules
    Local or network log printer
    Pop up message on existing PCs
    Graphical display on existing PCs

    Voice messages
    Messages to pager

    Protocol processing
    ESPA 444

    Remote access via the Internet represents a new communication possibility. After logging in, the actual state of the system can be monitored. Any alarms that occur can be acknowledged. By querying the various log files, all alarms that occurred in the past and the resulting reactions can be called up.

    Please contact us if you require further information or wish to receive a detailed offer.


    TS200 CM

    Order overview

    The TS200 is discontinued, spare parts are available. We recommend using the TS400.

    Artikelnummer Bild Bezeichnung Shop
    832.400.1 CPU TS200 Small CPU processor module 256kB
    832.400.10 CPU TS200 Large CPU processor module 1MB
    832.400.2 Control Module TS200 CM Control module no longer available
    832.400.40 Input Module TS200 IM24 Input module, 24V DC, 8 inputs
    832.400.401 Input Module TS200 IE24 extension module 24V DC 8 inputs
    832.400.402 Input Module TS200 IE48 Input extension module 12-48V DC, 4 inputs
    832.400.403 Input Module TS200 IE230 Input extension module 115-230V AC, 4 inputs
    832.400.50 Output Module TS200 OM24 Output module, 24V DC, 0.5A, 8 outputs
    832.400.501 Output Module TS200 OE 24/0.5 Output extension module, 24V DC, 0.5A, 8 outputs
    832.400.502 Output Module TS200 OE 24/2.0 Output extension module, 24V DC, 2.0A, 8 outputs
    832.400.503 Output Module TS200 OE 230/5.0 output extension module 230V AC, 5.0A, 4 relay outputs
    832.400.801 Bus Module TS200 BC Bus connection module
    832.400.802 Bus Cable TS200 BCC 30 bus connection cable 0.3m
    832.400.803 Bus Cable TS200 BCC 300 bus connection cable 3.0m
    832.900.001 Annunciator TS200 TS 10 screw-terminal block, 10 pole
    832.900.002 Annunciator TS200 TC 10 plug-in terminal block, 10 pole
    832.900.015 Annunciator TS200 TC 2x 10 plug-in terminal block, 20 pole.
    832.400.050 Annunciator TS200 AT compact keyboard
    832.400.090 Annunciator TS200 PC terminal configuration programme for Windows
    832.400.000 Annunciator TS200 System handbook DE/FRA/EN
    LX-300 Annunciator TS200 Epson printer, serial log printer
    DCF Annunciator TS200 Radio set
    862.324.005 Annunciator TS200 EcoPower PSU 245 230V AC/24V DC 5A