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TS400 DM Description
Technical data
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TS400-D133 Operator module


The TS400-D133 Operator module is the human-machine interface in the TS400 fault monitoring and building automation system. All status or alarm messages are displayed in plain text, and the integrated alarm indicator is also activated in case of alarms. The 13.3" touch display offers the possibility to visualize data points on overview plans, display current measured values with actual value and trending, view log files and make changes to the user configuration.

A maximum of 16 TS400-D133 Operator modules can be integrated in a system and the messages can be assigned selectively. The TS400-D133 Operator module is connected to the network (technet).
Alternatively, the connection can be established with a serial null-modem cable. The power supply can be either 24VDC on the screw connector or a 12VDC desktop power supply on the connector socket.

The TS400-D133 Operator module can be mounted on a wall bracket or monitor arm using a 100x100mm VESA mounting device. The installation bracket 832.700.494 (accessory) is available for installation in device or cabinet fronts.

Application examples:

Visualization of alarms and measured values on floor plan
Applikation TS400-D133

Parameterization of the alarm groups
Applikaiton TS400-D133

Trending and logging of measured values e.g. temperature / humidity
Applikaiton TS400-D133


Connection and integration TS400-D133 Operator module

The TS400-D133 Operator module is preferably integrated into the Technet. Therefore only one network cable is required for the connection.
Alternatively, the connection can be established with a serial null-modem cable. In this case, the use of the visualization can be limited due to the data transfer rate

The power supply can be realised in two variants:

With external 24DC power supply

Anschlusss TS400-D133

With 12VDC desktop power supply

Anschlusss TS400-D133

Schematic Connection TS400-D133 Operator module

Anschlusss TS400-D133


Massbild TS400-D133

Technical data

Dimensions336.4 x 214 x 30.8mm (WxHxD)
Dimensions for front cutout310 x 180mm
Height for front mounting7mm
Screen size13.3“ / diagonal 337.82mm
Screen resolution1920 x 1080 pixels
Brightness≥ 300cd/m2
Temperature range0 to +60°C
Humidity0 to 90%
Degree of protectionIP20
AssemblyVESA mount 100mm or front mounting
Power consumption12W
Supply voltage Connection 124VDC (12-28VDC)
Supply voltage Connection 212VDC with desktop power supply

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