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TS400 DM Operator module LAN
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Predecessor TS400 BIAS  
TS400 CPU Descripton
Technical data
TS400 DM Operator module LAN


The TS400 DM Operator module LAN is the man to machine interface in the TS-400 annunciator and building automation system. All status- or alarm messages appear in plaintext. The integrated acoustic alarm also activates when an alarm arises. The function keys can be use to acknolwledge alerts, set time and brightness and to access a log file for the previous 1000 events.

Up to 16 TS400 DM Operator modules can be integrated into one system. The messages can be assigned selectively. The TS400 DM Operator module LAN module is connected to the network (technet) the power supply is realaised by Power over Ethernet (PoE) according to IEEE 802.3af

Thanks to its flat design, the display and Operator module can be mounted directly on front panels, walls or to the work surface via a monitor stand.

Application examples:

Applikation BIAS TS400

Applikaiton BIAS TS400

Applikaiton BIAS TS400


Connection and integration of the TS400-DM Operator module LAN

The TS400 DM Operator module LAN uses the PoE (Power over Ethernet) technology and is integrated into the Technet. Therefore only a network cable is necessary for the connection.

The PoE supply may be performed in three versions:

Switch with integrated PoE supply

Anschlusss TS400-DM

PoE Injector installation model DIN top-hat rail with 24VDC power supply

Anschlusss TS400-DM

oE Injector desktop model with 110-240VAC power supply

Anschlusss TS400-DM

TS400 DM Operator module LAN connection principle

Anschlusss TS400-DM


Massbild BIAS TS400

Technical data

Type TS400 DM Operator module LAN
Part number 832.700.410
Display LCD 16 lines x 30 characters, backlit, supports graphics
Connection Network cable

0 to +55 °C
-20 to +75 °
Housing Anodized aluminium
Mounting -cabinet front 114x163mm M4
-monitor stand VESA 75x75mm
-wall bracket VESA 75x75mm
Protection category IP 40
PoE Standard IEEE 802.3af
Power 5W
Supply Voltage 48VDC
Dimensions (B x H x T) 250 x 175 x 24
Weight 1320 g

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