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Technical data
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Annunciator system TS400 Fieldbus controller


The controller is the intelligent upstream starting point of each and every node. Up to 128 nodes can be used in the system. All of these are supplied locally. Each controller is able to manage 64 directly and 250 with the bus extension. This results in up to 2000 digital or 1000 analogue I/Os per node. Please note the maximum I/O consumption of 1700mA which the contoller is able to provide. The WAGO 750-891 is used as basic controller and works with the special APS firmware. In order to support the TS400 Fieldbus controller 832.700.550, the CPU software must be V2.36.20761 or higher. The node can be connected to the WAGO I/O module of the 750 series. This provides a cost-effective range of inputs and outputs in all possible voltage variants.

The nodes are connected via a network cable (min. Cat. 5). The fieldbus controller provides two ethernet interfaces with a switch. This enables a direct connection form node to node or programming access directly on the node. The standard setting of the IP-address DIP-Switch is DCHP.

Application example:

TS400 Controller


TS400 Controller

Technical data

Type TS400 Fieldbus controller
Part number 832.700.550
Program memory 4MByte
Minimum CPU software version 2.36.19895
System structure
Digital signals
analogue signals
Max. no. of I/O modules
Max. no. of I/O modules with bus extension

2000 (Example with 250 pcs. 8 cannel inputs)
Supply voltage 24 VDC
Total current for the I/O modules 1700mA (Extensible with the power supply module 750-613)

0 bis +55 °C
-25 bis +85 °
Housing Plastic
Connection Cage Clamp 2,5mm2
Mounting 35mm DIN rail
Protection category IP 20
Dimensions (W x H x D) 62 x 72 x 100
Weight 150 g

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