On  VG

  • On delay up to 40mins
  • No supply voltage
  • 2-wire connection
  • Versions between 20-250V AC/DC
  • Polarity unimportant
Function modules
  • Lamp test modules AC or DC
  • Diode module
  • Blank experimentation module
VG on delay relay Diode blocks
Time-delay relays
  • Multi- or single function relay
  • On- release delay
  • Symmetric recycler
  • On- off pulse
  • Toggle switch
  • On delay without aux. voltage
Monitoring relays
  • One- three-phase voltage monitoring analouge
  • One- three-phase voltage monitoring digital
  • One- three-phase current monitoring analouge
  • One- three-phase current monitoring digital
  • Phase monitoring relay
Timer relays Monitoring relays
  • Multifunction front mounted
  • Multifunction DIN rail
  • Direct measurement up to 5A
  • Modbus RTU output
  • Pulse output
  • EcoPower PSU conventional power supply
  • EcoPower PSS primary swiched power supply
  • RPS primary switched power supply
  • PSA Transformers
Meters Power supplies / Transformers