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Overview APS On-delay module VG
Overview Selec timers
Overview Brodersen timers
Order overview
Timer relays / APS VG / Multifunction relays Selec and UNIC Brodersen


Our range includes the APS VG on delay relay and the Selec multifunction time relays.
The speciality of the APS VG is the on-delay without separate auxiliary voltage, it is available in 4 voltage variants from 20 - 230VAC/DC.
The Selec timing relays offer different functions that can be selected on the relay front.
The time range can also be set on the front panel. The Selec relays work with all voltages in the range 12 - 240 VDC, 20- 240VAC.
Easy handling and consistently high quality standards are the hallmarks of the entire product range.

Overview APS On delay relay VG

VG On-delay without auxiliary voltage 20-250 VAC/DC

Overview Selec multifunction timers

600XU 600XU On- Off delay / Interval / Symmetric recycler / Latching relay / Single shot

Discontinued Brodersen timers

We no longer carry the Brodersen timing relays in our range, we still sell our remaining stocks which are listed in the order overview below.
If you need information about the relays, you can find the data sheets in the download area.
For new projects we recommend the use of Selec products.
We will be happy to advise you on the selection of a suitable replacement product.

  • XF Relay release delay

  • XI Relay, On delay

  • XWI Relay on pulse

  • XB Relay symmetrical recycler, pause start t

  • XIW Relay star/delta starter with delayed pulse

  • XMW On delay / Release delay / On pulse with/without control switch / Symmetrical recycler, pause start

  • XM Release delay / On pulse without control switch / Symmetrical recycler, pause or impuls start

  • XW Release delay / On pulse with/without control switch / Off pulse / On- Off pulse

  • XT Asymmetric recycler, pause start / Asymmetric recycler, pulse startt

  • XOT Asymmetric recycler one-shot energizing, with or without control switch

Order overview