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LSX Annunciator system
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Technical data
Order overview
Annunciator system LSX

LSX Description

LSX, the modular annunciator system certified to DIN 19235 with new- or first-up value indication. Faults are indicated using the LED display on the CM and IM. An analogue- or GSM modem or a log printer can be connected to the CM. If a GSM modem is added to the system, status- or fault alerts can be sent via SMS/email or fax, or to a pager. For each LS CM or IM, up to 8 subscribers can be included in an alarm list. The parameters for the units are set via a terminal program. This is already available on all PCs: E.g. 'Hyperterminal' for Windows. The system is modular in design. Individual components can be removed if necessary. The maximum configuration is 256 1/0 with a maximum ring-shaped bus length of 1000m. The system comprises the following three primary components:

LSX CM Communication Module
This module has three integrated buttons for horn- and lamp acknowledgement and lamp test. Each CM also comes with an integrated potential-free collective-, group- and horn output. The alarm LEDs can be labelled using insert strips. A modem (analogue- or GSM),a log printer or a Panelmodule PM can be connected to the CM.

LSX IM Input Module
Add-on module with an additional 8 inputs, identical to the CM, except does not have a communication interface. .

LSX OM Output Module
Output module with 8 freely-programmable relay outputs. The relay status is indicated via the LED on the front of the device. The module also has an integrated lamp test button. The alarm LEDs can be labelled using insert strips.

LSX Panel Modul PM
The panel module PM is used as remote display with 16 channels. It is directly connected to a communication module CM. The panel module PM shows automatically the information from the connected communication module and if installed, the communication- or input module with the next higher bus address.

Technical data

Type LSX CM Communication Module LSX IM Input Module LSX OM Output Module LSX PM Panel Module
Image LSX CM LSX IM LSX OM Panelmodul LSX PM
Part number 832.650.020 832.650.010 832.650.030 AS-D16-24-V24
Housing plastic WxHxD 87.5 x 90 x 58mm DIN 87.5 x 90 x 58mm DIN 87.5 x 90 x 58mm DIN 72 x 144 x 74mm
Installation position any any any any
Connections Cage clamp terminal blocks 2.5mm2 Cage clamp terminal blocks 2.5mm2 Cage clamp terminal blocks 2.5mm2 Screw terminal max. 1.0mm2
Temperature range 0°C - +55°C 0°C - +55°C 0°C - +55°C 0°C - +65°C
Protection category IP20 IP20 IP20 IP20
Supply voltage 24VDC +/-20% 24VDC +/-20% 24VDC +/-20% 8-30VDC / 12-28.5VAC, 40-80Hz
Flashing frequency 1Hz 1Hz 1Hz 1Hz
Relay switching capacity max. 3A / 250VAC max. 3A / 250VAC max. 3A / 250VAC --
Max. power consumption 5W 5W 3W 3W
Trip delay approx. 10ms approx. 10ms approx. 10ms approx. 10ms
Recovery time approx. 1s approx. 1s approx. 1s approx. 1s

General info
Maximum bus length: 1000m (line) - required bus cable: U72 1x4x0.8 shielded


Basic principle

Connection diagram LSX annunciator

Connection diagram

LSX CM and IM communication modules

Anschlusschema LSX CM

LSX OM output module

Anschlusschema LSX OM

LSX PM panel module

Anschlusschema LSX PM

Order overview

Part number Image Description Shop
832.650.010 LSX Annunciator LSX IM input module
832.650.020 LSX Annunciator LSX CM communication module
832.650.030 LSX Annunciator LSX OM output module
AS-D16-24-V24 LSX Störmelder LSX PM panel module
832.700.902 LSX Annunciator Standard modem, GSM dual-band, DIN rail
UCA-AM LSX Annunciator Antenna with magnetic base, GSM dual-band with 2m connection cable for GSM modem.
60603032E LSX Annunciator GSM station antenna, dual band with 5m connection cable and wall bracket
823.122.018 LSX Annunciator Extension cable for antenna, 5m with coupling (max. 3 pcs.)
832.600.034 LSX Annunciator Modem cable/ printer cable
832.600.035 LSX Annunciator Programming cable
862.332.420 LSX Annunciator EcoPower PSS 242 230V AC/24V DC 2A power supply unit for DIN rail mounting
832.600.031 LSX Annunciator BCCS4 Bus cable, 0.2m for connecting modules
832.600.032 LSX Annunciator CIM bus connection module (interface to building cabling)