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Operation-/Faultindicator AS-D16
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Technical data
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Operation-/Faultindicator AS-D16

AS-D16 Description

The AS-D16-BS is an operation/fault indicator with 16 channels for front assembly. It includes integrated controls for horn acknowledgment, alarm acknowledgment and lamp test. The built-in buzzer can be turned off. Each input (operation and fault input) can be switched separately between an opening contact and a closing contact. A time delay can be activated collectively for all fault inputs. The indicator process of the fault can be choosen between new value or first-up indication. The automatic alarm acknowledgment after energising the unit is activatable. It is also selectable if the operation LEDs shall be shown or suppressed during a fault condition. The AS-D16-BS has outputs both for the horn and collective output as well as for the lamp test. The function of the horn and collective output can be switched between the image of the control or remain active until acknowledgement. Programming is done using the controls built-in on the front. The AS-D16-BS is labelled with the supplied insert strips. The connection is done using the plug-in screw terminals on the back of the unit.

AS-D16 Programming

The AS-D16-BS operation and fault indicator is programmed using the built-in controls. No other tool or software is required.

AS-D16 has 3 programming levels:

1. Fault indicator inputs (red): Opening contact/closing contact switchover
2. Operating inputs (green): Opening contact/closing contact switchover
3. Virtual DIP switch: time delays, buzzer on/off, automatic acknowledgement and output modes

Technical data

Type Operation-/Faultindicator AS-D16
Part number AS-D16-24-BS
Communication 16 LED Fault and Operation/Buzzer
Operation inputs 16 inputs NO/NC each input separate
Fault inputs 16 inputs NO/NC each input separate / Time delay global
Time delay fault inputs 5s/10s/60s for all fault inputs, global
Automatic alarm acknowledgement after energising 5s/10s/60s for all fault inputs, global
System imputs External Horn acknowledgement / External Lamp acknowledgement / External Lamp test
System outputs Horn acknowledgement / Lamp acknowledgement / Lamp test
Front control elements Horn acknowledgement / Lamp acknowledgement / Lamp test
Supply voltage 8-30VDC / 12-28.5VAC, 40-80Hz (using an AC supply disables the system outputs)
Signal voltage 24V AC/DC ± 20%
Power consumption Max. 3W
Temperature range -0°C to 65°C
Weight 260g
Dimensions WxHxD 72x144x61mm (without terminals)
Front panel cut out 138x68mm
Connectors Plug-in screw terminals, max. 2.5mm2
Mounting position Any
Protection degree IP20


Wiring Diagram of the Operation Faultindicator AS-D16

*The outputs LT (Lamp test), LQ (Lamp ack.) and HQ (Horn ack.) are only enabled using a DC power supply. The LQ and HQ functions can be customised, see the Programming chapter. The outputs are designed as a current sink and are not potential-free. If potential-free contacts are required, a relay must be utilised.
Wiring example for the LT output with an external relay:

Wiring detail


Massbild LED Anzeige AS-D16

H B H1 B1 ET T1 T2
144 mm 72 mm 136 mm 65 mm 75 mm 52 mm 8.5 mm

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AS-D16-24-BS Anzeigeeinheit AS-D16 AS-D16 Operation-/Faultindicator