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Annunciator system TS70
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Technical data
Order overview
Annunciator system TS70

TS1500 Important information about TS70

  • The TS70 is discontinued. We recommend using the TS400 TS400

  • Description

    The TS70 annuncitator system is a family of basic modular devices which can be expanded up to 70 digital inputs. Alarms are signalled via a text display and integrated horn. The units are programmed from a PC keyboard. The system comprises the following three primary components:

    CM 70 control module
    The CM is the control- and display module for the system. In the idle state, the unit displays the time and date. If a fault arises, the text appears in the display and the integrated horn is switched on. The integrated buttons can be used to scroll through the faults to acknowledge each message. An additional log printer e.g. EPSON LX 300 (parallel port) can be connected to the CM.

    IOM 2470 Input- output module
    The IOM has two system inputs for the external horn- and group acknowledgement. Signal inputs 1 to 6 are also integrated. These lead to the horn-, collective and group output.

    IE 2470 Input extension module
    The IE 2470 can be connected to extend the system by an additional 32 inputs. Up to two IE 2470 modules can be used.

    Diagram TS70

    Basic principe TS70 annunciator

    Technical data

    Type CM 70 Control module IOM 2470 Input- output module IE 2470 Input extension module
    Image TS70 CM TS70 IOM TS70 IE
    Alu housing WxHxD 192 x 48 x 110mm 108 x 80 x 58mm DIN 108 x 80 x 58mm DIN
    Front panel cutout 186 x 45mm

    Installation position any any any
    Connections Printer Sub-D25/ AT keyboard Screw terminals Screw terminals
    Supply voltage 12-24VDC 12-24VDC 12-24VDC
    Switching capacity, outputs none max. 0.5A / 10-30VDC max. 0.5A / 10-30VDC
    Max. power consumption max. 20W / System max. 20W / System max. 20W / System
    Internal bus length maximum 3 meter


    Please click on the image for a larger view or go to the download of the wiring diagram sheet

    TS70 IOM 2470
    Schema TS70

    TS70 IE 2470
    Schema TS70


    Please click on the image for a larger view

    TS70 CM
    Massbild CM TS70

    TS70 IE und IOM
    Massbild TS70

    Order overview

    The TS70 is discontinued. Some spare parts are available, please contact us for more information.
    We recommend using the TS400