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Operation-/Faultindicator AS1500
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Technical data
Order overview
Operation-/Faultindicator AS1500

TS1500 Important information about AS1500

  • The AS1500 is discontinued. We recommend using the LSC

  • Description

    The AS1500 is a status indicator and annunciator system with 8 inputs. A extension module can be added to the system to handle up to 32 messages. The LEDs illuminate continuously during normal operation, and flash when there is a fault. If a fault contact closes, the horn output closes and remains so until acknowledged. The master module has an acknowledgement button for acknowledging faults, or alternatively an external input can be used. The potentiometer on the unit front is used to set the on-delay (up to 160s) for all inputs.

    Designed for DIN rail assembly.

    Technical data

    Number of alerts8, expandable up to 32
    Signal inputsPotential-free contacts
    Supply- and alarm voltage24 - 48 V AC/DC -15% +10%
    Power consumption10W
    Trip delaymax. 160 secs, adjustable using potentiometer
    Control elements on deviceHorn acknowledgement/ potentiometer for trip delay
    Inputs for remote controlAlarm acknowledgement/ lamp test
    Temperature range0 - 50°C
    Housing172 x 45 x 85mm
    MountingDIN-Rail 35mm
    Degree of protectionIP40
    ConnectionScrew-terminals, max. 2x 1.5mm2


    Please click on the image for a larger view or go to the download of the wiring diagram sheet

    Wiring diagram of annunciator AS1500

    Order overview

    The AS1500 is discontinued. Some spare parts are available, please contact us for more information.
    We recommend using the LSC