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Voltage monitoring relay VPRA2M
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Voltage monitoring relay VPRA2M
Technical data
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Voltage monitoring relay VPRA2M


Analogue voltage monitoring relay form selec. Controls one or three pase voltage with neutral. Monitors overvoltage, undervoltage, phase asymmetry, phase failure and phase sequence.
Easy setting with three front knobs with sealable cover. Slim space saving design, only 35mm wide. 35mm DIN Rail mount.


The following three sealable front knobs are used for the VPRA2M settings:

OV: Trip setting overvoltage 105 to 125%

UV: Trip setting undervoltage 95 to 55%

T: Trip Time Settings for undervoltage, overvoltage and phase loss 0 to 15s

Function overview
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Massbild VPRA2M

Technical data

IndicationAnalogue indication with 4 LED's for Power on, Phase failure, Under voltage, Over voltage, Phase sequence / asymmetry
MeasurementsUnder voltage, Over voltage, Phase asymmetry, Phase failure & Phase sequence
Time settingPower ON delay, Trip time delay
Alarm indicationsTrip
Nominal input voltage, Un230V AC (L-N)
Operating voltage127 - 288V AC (L-N)
Power consumption5VA max
Frequency48 - 63Hz
Trip setting undervoltage55 . 95% from Un [127 - 219V AC (L-N)]
Trip setting overvoltage105 - 125% from Un [242 - 288V AC (L-N)]
Trip setting phase sequenceYes
Trip setting phase failureYes
Trip setting asymmetry> 10%
Power on delay0-15s (for 0 setting: <400ms)
Recovery time delay5s ± 200ms
Time delay phase sequence<250ms
Time delay phase loss0-15s (for 0 setting 0: <100ms)(for phase L2 &L3)
Time delay L1 / neutral loss<200ms
Hysteresis voltage7V (±2V) of trip voltage
Trip setting accuracy±5%
Time setting accuracy±10%
ContactDPDT (2 C/O)
Contact rating5A @ 250V AC / 28V DC
Electrical life1 x 10h5
Mechanical life1 x 10h7
Operating temperaturr-10 - 55 C
Storage temperature-25 - 70 C
Humidity95% rF (non-condensing)
Mechanical specifications
HousingUL 94V0
Dimensions wxhxd35 x 90 x 60mm
Mounting35mm DIN rail
Protection level terminalsIP20
Protection level housingIP40
Protection level faceplateIP50
EMV standards
EMVIEC61326-1 (2005-12)
Harmonic current emissionIEC61000-3-2 ed.3.0 (2005-11) Class A
Radiated susceptibilityIEC 61000-4-3 ed.3.0 (2006-02) Level 3
ESDIEC61000-4-2, Level 3 (8kV Air, 6kV Contact)
Electrical fast transientsIEC61000-4-4, Level 3 (2kV)
SurgeIEC61000-4-5, Level 3 (2kV)
Conducted susceptibilityIEC61000-4-6, ed.2.2 (2006-05) Level 2
Voltage dips, interruptionsIEC61000-4-11, Level 3
Conducted emissionCISPR11, ed.5.1 Class B
Radiated emissionCISPR22, ed.5.2 Class A
SafetyIEC61010-1 (2010)
Breakdown voltageIEC61010-1 (2,5kV)
Cold heatIEC60068-2-1, ed.6.0 (2007-03)
dry heatIEC60068-2-2, ed.5.0 (2007-07)
VibrationIEC60068-2-6, ed.7.0 (2007-12), 5g
Repetitive shockIEC60068-2-27, ed.4.0 (2008-02), 40g, 6ms
Non-repetitive shock (einzeln)IEC60068-2-27, ed.4.0 (2008-02), 30g, 15ms


Wiring for single phase monitoring

Connection of the phase to terminal L1, jumpered to Terminal P, neutral connected to terminal N

Anschlussschema VPRA2M

Wiring for three phase monitoring

Connection of the three phases to terminals L1 L2 L3, keep terminal P open, neutral connected to terminal N

Anschlussschema VPRA2M


Please click on the image for a larger view

Massbild VPRA2M

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VPRA2M Voltage monitoring relay VPRA2M