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MFM384-R-C Meter
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Multifunktions-Messinstrument MFM384-R-C
Technical data
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Multifunction meter MFM384-R-C


DIN-rail mounted digital multifuntion meter.


Technical data

LCD3 row, Liquid Crystal Display with backlight
DigitsRow 1 with 4 digits, row 2 and 3 with 7 digits
LEDIntegration of energy (1000 pulse /kWh)
Input Specifications
Electrical connection3Ø - 3 wire, 3Ø - 4 wire, 2Ø - 3 wire, 1Ø - 2 wire
Input voltage range19 - 519V AC (L - L), 11 - 300V AC (L - N)
Frequency45Hz - 65Hz
Measuring Parameters
Voltage (L-L/L-N) (individual / average)
Current ( 1, 2, 3) (individual / average)
Frequency, power factor (individual /average)
Active, reactive, apparent power (individual / total)
Active, reactive (import / export)
Minimum / maximum reactive power
Maximum apparent power
Display resetProgrammable (for energy)
Resolution energy0,01k, 0,1k, 1k, 0,01M, 0,1M, 1M (depending upon CT ratio X PT ratio)
Resolution voltage, current, powerAuto resolution
Resolution power factor0.01
Resolution frequency0.1Hz
Accuracy voltage (L-N/L-L), current±0,5% of full range
Accuracy power factor±0,01
Accuracy frequency±0,1 % (for V>20 L-N, V>35 L-L)
Accuracy power (kW, kVA, kVAr)1%
Accuracy energy (active, reactive, apparent)1%
Memory retention10 years (for energy)
Overload rating20% continuous over load and able to withstanding 20 times the normal current rating for a period one second.
Overvoltage ratingAccept input voltage upto 120% of the nominal voltage
Power consumption8VA max.
Output Specifications
CommunicationRS485 MODBUS RTU communication
Supply specifications
Auxiliary85 - 270V AC (50/60Hz)
IsolationI/P, O/P and Aux. circuits isolated from each other and earth ground.
Resettable Parameters
C.T primary5A to 10kA programmable for any value
C.T secondary1A / 5A
P.T primary1 V to 500kV programmable for any value
P.T secondary100V to 500V (L-L) programmable for any value
Environmental Specifications
Operating temperature-5 to +60 C
Storage temperature-20 to +75 C
Humidityup to 85% (non-condensing)


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Massbild MFM384-R-C

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MFM384-R-C Multifunction meter MFM384-R-C