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LSE-D16 Anzeigebaustein
Technical data
Order overview
Link to predecessor model AS-D16
LSE-D16 Indicator unit

LSE-D16 Description

The indicator unit LSE-D16 is used for the collective signalling of operating states. It has 2x 16 multicolour LEDs and is installed in the front of machines or control cabinets. A buzzer is also integrated which can be activated externally via a system input. Lamp test on the front as well as additional control elements for integration into a higher-level system complete the functionality.
All settings, such as the selection of the LED colours or the switching of the inputs between normally closed and normally open, are made via the push buttons on the front of the unit. The labelling is simply done with slide-in paper strips. The connection is made via plug-in screw terminals on the back of the device.

The LSE-D16 indicator unit is the replacement for the AS-D16 indicator unit. The functionality, size, parameterisation and pin assignment are identical. A one-to-one replacement is therefore possible.

Technical data

Communication2x 16 multicolour LED's / integrated buzzer
Indicator inputs16 inputs NO/NC for each group 1 + 2
System inputsBuzzer / Lamp test / HQ Lamp / LQ Lamp
System outputsBuzzer ack. / Alarm ack. / Lamp test
Optional output functionCommon output / Common output group 2
Control elementsBuzzer ack. / Alarm ack. / Lamp test
Supply voltage8-30VDC / 12-28.5VAC, 40-80Hz (When using AC input votlage the system outputs are disabled)
Signal voltage24V AC/DC ± 20%
Power consumptionMax. 3W
Dimensions WxHxD72x144x75mm
Front panel cut out138x68mm
TerminalsPlug-in screw terminals 0.2 - 2,5mm2
Mounting positionAny
Protection degree housingIP40
Protection degree connectorIP20
Temperature range0°C to 65°C



*The outputs LT (Lamp test), LQ (Lamp ack.) und HQ (Horn ack.) are only enabled using a DC power supply. They were activated by pressing the buttons on the front of the unit. These outputs are current sinks and are not potential free. If potential free outputs are necessary, a external relay must be connected.

Wiring example for the LT output with an external relay:




H B H1 B1 ET T1 T2
144 mm 72 mm 136 mm 65 mm 75 mm 52 mm 8.5 mm

Order overview

Order numberDesignationAppendageStock*1Price*2
LSE-D16-24-RGIndicator unit 24V DC/AC2x 16 inputs, multicolour LED4377.00 CHF
*1: Stock levels are for reference only. The handout is done upon incoming orders.
*2: Prices are uncommitted, errors are excepted.