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New value indicator AS2000-3
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Function diagram
Technical data
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New value indicator AS2000-3



AS 2000-3, the practical annunciator for 4 alarm circuits with normally open contacts, incorporates flasher, horn relay, lamp test and, where necessary, a power supply for the 230VAC version, all compactly mounted in a single enclosure. The incoming alarm singals are indicated visually by flashing light and audibly by a horn. All controls and annunciating elements are mounted externally.


When an alarm contact opens, a relay integrated in the AS 2000-3 energizes, whereupon the flasher starts, and the horn relay switches into self-holding operation. The assigned alarm lamp begins to flash and the horn sounds. Pressing the acknowledgement button (AQ) shuts off the horn and switches the alarm lamp from a flashing to a steady light. The lamp will extinguish once the fault has been removed. In the 230V version, the alarm contacts are supplied with low-voltage from the system. These conditionally potential-free contacts mean low-voltage cables can be used for the connections. Pulse-type alarms are stored (horn and flashing light), and return to their idle state afteracknowledgment. The flash frequency of the alarm lamps can be adjusted to 0.5, 2 or 8Hz through replugging them on the PCB. The factory setting is 2Hz

Function diagram



Please click on the image for a larger view or go to the download of the wiring diagram sheet


Technical data

Signal inputs 4 closed current (N/C contacts)
Voltages 24VAC/DC 48VAC/DC 230VAC with 24V DC output for signal voltage
Power consumption 24V: 5VA 48V: 5VA 230V:10VA
Weight 24V: 500g 48V: 500g 230V: 800g
Permissible voltage tolerance +/- 15%
Minimum control pulse 50ms
Recovery time max. 1s
Switching capacity, horn contact 230V:4A / 60V:2A
Flash frequency 0.5/2/8 Hz
Duty cycle 100%
Protection category IP40
Connections 2x1.5mm2 per terminal
Installation position any
Temperature range -20 to +50°C
Dimensions WxHxD 75x150x106mm

Order overview

Part number Image Description Shop
824.244.1 AS2000 AS2000-3 24VAC/DC
824.250.1 AS2000 AS2000-3 48VAC/DC
824.260.1 AS2000 AS2000-3 230VAC