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New value indicator AS2000-2
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Function diagram
Technical data
Order overview
New value indicator AS2000-2


General information

The AS 2000-2 - the practical alarm monitoring unit for 4 alarm circuits with operating current inputs- neatly houses flasher, horn relay, lamp control unit and the necessary power supply unit for 230V operation within a single enclosure. Incoming alerts are indicated visually via a flashing light, acoustically using a horn. All operating and alarm units are monitored externally.The units can be connected using low-voltage cables since AS 2000-2 works with 24V/48V. The 230V version generates an internal voltage of 24V. The AS 2000-2 can also be used as a composite fault monitoring system in partnership with the AS 1000 and AS 2000-1 fault monitoring systems. This increases the number of monitored lines many times over.


When an alarm contact closes, a relay integrated in the AS 2000-2 energizes, whereupon the flasher starts, and the horn relay switches into self-holding operation. The assigned alarm lamp begins to flash and the horn sounds. Pressing the acknowledgement button (AQ) shuts off the horn and switches the alarm lamp from flashing to steady operation. The lamp will extinguish once the fault has been removed. In the 230V version, the alarm contacts are supplied with low-voltage from the system. These conditionally potential-free contacts mean low-voltage cables can be used for the connections. Pulse-type alarms are stored (horn and flashing light), and return to their idle state once acknowledged. The flash frequency of the alarm lamps can be adjusted to 0.5, 2 or 8Hz by replugging them on the PCB. The factory setting is 2Hz.

Function diagram



Please click on the image for a larger view or go to the download of the wiring diagram sheet


Technical data

Signal inputs 4 operating current (N/O contacts)
Voltages 24VAC/DC 48VAC/DC 230VAC with 24V DC output for signal voltage
Power consumption 24V: 5VA 48V: 5VA 230V:10VA
Weight 24V: 490g 48V: 490g 230V: 770g
Permissible voltage tolerance +/- 15%
Minimum control pulse 50ms
Recovery time max. 1s
Switching capacity, horn contact 230V:4A / 60V:2A
Flash frequency 0.5/2/8 Hz
Duty cycle 100%
Protection category IP40
Connections 2x1.5mm2 per terminal
Installation position any
Temperature range -20 to +50°C
Dimensions WxHxD 75x150x106mm

Order overview

Part number Image Description Shop
824.005.0001 AS2000 AS2000-2 24VAC/DC
824.005.0002 AS2000 AS2000-2 48VAC/DC
824.005.0003 AS2000 AS2000-2 230VAC