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Common alarm indicator AS2000-1
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Function diagram
Technical data
Order overview
Common alarm indicator AS2000-1


General information

Alarm monitoring unit able to monitor up to 12 contacts. Thanks to its simple technical design, the AS 2000-1 lends itself very well to the extension of existing controls and switching systems. Incoming alerts are fed into a repeating relay which can then trigger a horn signal, for example. An externally fitted button is used to acknowledge the alarm. A superordinate composite alarm unit or remote alarming unit can be used instead of a horn.


Once an alarm contact closes, the alarm lamp will light up. At the same time, the same alarm contact drives the AS 2000-1. The horn relay receives a pulse through an RC combination and switches into self-holding operation. The potential-free contact via terminals 14-15 closes, whereupon the horn sounds, continuing to do so until the HQ (acknowledge horn) button is pressed. The same process occurs for each new alarm even if the first alarm remains active. Pulse-type alarms are stored in acoustic form and are only indicated visually for as long as the fault remains.

Function diagram



Please click on the image for a larger view or go to the download of the wiring diagram sheet


Technical data

Signal inputs 12 operating current (N/O contacts)
Voltages 24VAC/DC 48VAC/DC 230VAC
Power consumption 24V:1.5VA 48V: 3.2VA 230V:10VA
Permissible voltage tolerance +/- 15%
Minimum control pulse 50ms
Recovery time max. 2s
Switching capacity, horn contact 230V:4A / 60V:2A
Flash frequency 0.5/2/8 Hz
Duty cycle 100%
Protection category IP40
Connections 2x1.5mm2 per terminal
Installation position any
Weight 400g
Temperature range -20 to +50°C
Dimensions WxHxD 75x150x106mm

Order overview

Part number Image Description Shop
824.004.0001 AS2000 AS2000-1 24VAC/DC
824.004.0002 AS2000 AS2000-1 48VAC/DC
824.004.0003 AS2000 AS2000-1 230VAC