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Common alarm indicators AS1200
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AS1200 Common alarm indicator   AS1210 Common alarm indicator  
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Common alarm indicators AS1200


The AS1200 Annunciators are simple Common alarm indicators with 12 NO Inputs. As soon as an input is activated, the corresponding external indicator and the relay is enabled. The device connected to the relay, e.g. a horn or a flash-light is activated until the external horn acknowledgement button is pressed. This sequence starts everytime when an alarm occurs. Even short pulses are detected.
The nominal supply voltage is 24VAC/DC, the allowed voltage range is 10-30 VDC / 12-24VAC.

Two types are available:

Störmeldesystem AS1200 AS1200 Common alarm indicator

12 Singal inputs normally open (NO), relay normally open NO

Störmeldesystem AS1210 AS1210 Common alarm indicator

12 Singal inputs normally open or normally closed (NO / NC), lamp test function, relay selectable (NO or NC) / optional buzzer

Order overview

Part number Image Description Shop
824.512.01 AS1200 Common Alarm Unit AS1200-1 +24VAC/DC
824.512.02 AS1200 Common Alarm Detector AS1200-2 -24VAC/DC
824.512.05 AS1210 Sammelmelder AS1210, 24VDC positive switching, 24VAC, without buzzer
824.512.06 AS1210 Sammelmelder AS1210, 24VDC negative switching, 24VAC, without buzzer
824.512.07 AS1210 Sammelmelder AS1210B, 24VDC positive switching, 24VAC, with buzzer
824.512.08 AS1210 Sammelmelder AS1210B, 24VDC negative switching, 24VAC, with buzzer