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Technical data
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AAC Description

The APS ALERT CLOUD remote alarm solution offers safe monitoring of your infrastructure and issues alarms if required, with a minimum amount of hardware on site.
Alarms are sent by the APS systems AG cloud alarm server by means of the redundant communication paths. Operation and configuration takes place by means of a simple user interface.
The APS ALERT CLOUD, or AAC for short, is the ideal alarm solution for monitoring systems with only a small number of IOs, alarm contacts.
The AAC fieldbox installed on site captures the local signals and transmits them to the APS ALERT CLOUD.

When the AAC fieldbox is delivered, it has already been pre-configured and automatically connects to the APS ALERT CLOUD once it has been put into service. Setting up the alarm system can be done easily using the web interface of the APS ALERT CLOUD.

Communication channels
The AAC fieldbox features two communication channels.
Use of the LAN connection is prioritised. In addition, an LTE network is also available.
The modem is integrated into the AAC fieldbox. An interruption of connection is detected, and the users are notified accordingly.

Alarms are issued by means of a voice message from the APS ALERT CLOUD. The alarms are sent to up to 5 people.
The AAC also features a safe alarm chain, in which the users must confirm/acknowledge alarms with a personal code.
If the time limit for intervention is exceeded, the alarm chain is activated again. Further options for alarms to be sent include emails and SMS.

Technical Data

ACC fieldbox
Inputs/outputs3 digital inputs/ open collec. outputs
Analogue inputs1 analogue input
Supply voltage9-30VDC
Temperature range-40 to 72°C
Power consumptionTypically 1.5 W, maximum 5W
Antenna connectionSMA
AlarmsVoice message, email, SMS
UsersMax. 5
User accessWeb interface
Logging Allevents


View of the AAC Fieldbox


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