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XB timer symmetrical recycler
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Brodersen XB
Function / Function diagram
Technical data
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XB timer symmetrical recycler, pause start


Symmetrical recycler. Fixed time ranges: 0.1-3 secs., 1-30 secs., 0.1-3 mins or 1-30 mins. The time range is selected using a rotary switch on the front side of the relay. The relay is available in different versions for AC and DC supply voltages. Single or double output relay, relay energizing indicated with LED. Versions available for assembly on DIN rails or 11-pole plug-in mounting.

Function / Function diagram

When the supply voltage is connected and the pause time has elapsed, the relay energizes. The relay remains energized for as long as the pulse lasts. This sequence is repeated until the supply voltage is disconnected. The pause and pulse periods have the same duration.




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Technical data

Time ranges0.1-3 sec. / 1-30 sec. / 0.1-3 min. / 1-30 min.
Repetition accuracy+/- 0.5%
Setting accuracy+/- 10%
Reset timeMax. 100mS
Output relay1 or 2 C/O
Relay load D1/S1Max. 8A/240VAC
Relay load D2/S2Max. 5A/240VAC
Switching frequencyMax. 1,000 cycles per hour at peak load
Electrical lifeMin. 100,000 cycles
Mounting S-Version11-pole plug-in base
Mounting D-VersionDIN rail
TerminalsMax. 4mm² screw terminals
Voltage 024-Version24V AC/DC (20-28V)
Voltage 048-Version48V AC/DC (40-56V)
Voltage 115-Version110/120V AC (95-135V)
Voltage 230-Version220/240V AC (195-265V)
Voltage 400-Version380/415V AC (340-460V)
Power consumption0.3-5VA
Protection degree S-VersionIP40
Protection degree D-VersionIP20
Temperature range-20 to +55°C
WeightAppr. 80g

Order overview / Types

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