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OR search

When entering several search terms, the search engine will link them with an 'Or'. This means that it will return all pages in which at least one of the search items appears. An 'And search' is not possible at present.


To exclude a term from the search, place a "-" (minus) in front of it. The search engine will ignore all pages containing this search item.


Results which are exact matches are given a higher ranking than those with partial results.

For example, if you were to enter the German term "Netz" for your search, the search engine will return "Netzgerät", "Netzteil", and "Netzausfall". In this example, the system will display the results in precisely this order since "Netz" is shorter than "Netzteil", and "Netzteil" is shorter than "Netzausfall".

If there is more than one hit on a page, this page will be ranked higher than a page having fewer hits, whereby exact hits count for more than partial hits.