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ARVY on-duty and rest time recording system
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Technical data
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ARVY on-duty and rest time recording system

TS200 Important information regarding the ARVY

  • We have stopped the development of the ARVY

  • We are not going to realise any adaptations for systems higher than Windows 7

  • Description

    ARVY gives the driver security
    The ARVY system allows you to enter and evaluate all on-duty, driving- and rest times very easily. The driver must be able to know how much driving time is still available to him at all times, or how long he must park and rest. The driver is immediately warned if he transgresses the legal limits. ARVY is not bound to the vehicle, but is mobile. It can be snapped firmly into the bracket installed in the vehicle. This means the data remains precise even if vehicles are changed or when unloading/loading.

    ARVY reduces administrative work
    ARVY data can be evaluated using the read attachment. This means you can get a precise evaluation of all on-duty-, driving- and rest data. Logbooks are a thing of the past! ARVY also comes with an interface for standard time recording systems. On-duty times can be accurately recorded without any extra work.

    Data evaluation

    The data recorded during the journey can be evaluated and saved using the read attachment connected to a PC. These values can be displayed on the screen graphically or printed out as a time report. In the Mobatime MB5 and Zeit AG presento time recording systems, it is also possible to import on-duty times.

    Example of an evaluation in graphical format


    Technical data

    Recording capacity 3 months
    Power supply Onboard 12/24V DC
    Battery life 3 hours when in use (+ 5 years data storage)
    Dimensions LxWxD 162x82x25mm
    Weight 260g
    Control elements on device Membrane keyboard
    Display 1x16 characters, LCD illuminated
    Languages GER/FR/EN
    Min. PC requirement Windows XP SP3, and above
    Time recording interfaces Mobatime MB5 / Zeit AG presento

    Order overview

    Part number Image Description
    AF0001 ARVY ARVY data entry unit
    AF0003 ARVY Vehicle bracket and cable line
    AF0004 ARVY Read attachment